Rajarajeswary Amman was decorated with Thiruneeru (holy ash)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goddess worship is considered prosperous. Temples are awash with devotees especially on Tuesdays to worship the Goddess.

The annual festival of Paal Kudam (milk pots) of the Sri Rajarajeshwari Ammal temple in Vivekananda Hill, Colombo 13 was held in the morning on August 14th 2007. About one hundred devotees carried milk pots on their head and paraded through Vivekanada Hill, Jampettah Street, New Chetty Street and Barber Street.

Devotees were dressed in elegant colours for the festival. Devotional songs of the Goddess were played at the temple, enchanting the vicinity. Neighbours were peeping through windows and doors of houses and offices to witness the colourful pageant.

Most women said that, they continue to make milk offering to the Goddess, and witness significant changes in their lives.

Some women brought their friends to make an offering of a pot of milk to the Goddess